Investing in machinery and improving our core processes

Investing in machinery and improving our core processes

We are committed to investing in the latest silicone manufacturing machinery and processes, and while Covid-19 has temporarily interrupted this activity, we made a number of key acquisitions before the pandemic and we remain focused on improving standards.

Advanced Materials invests again in new extrusion machinery

Before Covid-19 put the brakes on development, we finalised the purchase of more new silicone extrusion machinery. The acquisition was made in late 2019 and marked the end of a year in which we invested significantly in our core processes.

We are integrated this extrusion machinery into our factory infrastructure. It both increased our capacity in this core area and, by giving us the ability to automate more processes and by being more compact and easier to maintain, helped us to achieve greater efficiency and provide better-quality products to our customers.

Addition of latest silicone post-curing tech raises standards

The extrusion machinery wasn’t the only addition to our silicone manufacturing facilities that we made in late 2019. We also invested in a new silicone rubber post-curing oven.

The arrival of this new equipment allowed us to increase our capacity for post-curing and has made our post-curing processes quicker, cleaner and more comprehensive. As a result, we raised our standards and are offering our customers a higher-quality service.

New silicone cutting equipment to improve efficiency and quality

Moving into 2020, early in the first quarter, we ordered a new silicone cutting machine. This machinery had been designed specifically for Advanced Materials and is tailored to our needs and those of our customers.

While the integration of the new silicone cutting machinery and the related operator training were delayed by the pandemic, with our energies focused elsewhere, we are now in a position to bring the equipment fully online.

The cutting machine works with our varied product range of silicone components and, crucially, allows us to automate between 80% and 85% of product cutting. Previously, only 30% of product cutting was automated, with the majority done by hand.

As a result of this investment, cutting can be carried out more quickly and more efficiently, and to a higher standard, with the machinery working to tighter tolerances and allowing us to better target zero-percentage defects as part of our quality management system.

Investment in core processes to continue in 2020

Our investment strategy, including these three recent acquisitions, underlines our commitment to quality processes and products, and to continually targeting higher customer service standards.

And we’re not stopping here. Dealing with the impact on Covid-19 has dominated our agenda in recent months and has caused some hardship, but we are determined to keep the company moving forward.

So, our next investment is in manufacturing software that will allow us to further improve our processes and customer service. It will reduce the amount of paper we use, helping to make us more environmentally responsible, and it will enable us to forecast which products are in demand and to give customers real-time data and updates on the progress of their orders.

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