Silicone Extrusion Customer Industries

Silicone elastomers are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications and industries due to their stable, non-reactive properties and their resistance to extreme environments and temperatures.

Our market leading rubber extrusions can be seen in a diverse range of applications such as:

  • Withstanding the incredible stresses and temperature extremes of the aerospace industry,
  • Our silicon rubber products help in the design of modern buildings within the construction industry. They can be fitted to glass, steel and plastics.
  • Silicone’s wide temperature range makes it ideal for energy and lighting applications.
  • Temperature resilience, non-stick properties and FDA compliant make our silicone rubber ideal for use in food & drink processing.
  • The demand for high performance materials in rail and mass transit means it is crucial for our silicones to meet tight tolerances and specifications.
  • Silicone is perfect for preventing water and dust accessing LED lighting systems.
  • Our silicone elastomers are ideal for the applications and strict regulations within the pharmaceutical and medical industry where cleanliness, ease of sterilisation and non-reactivity are essential.
  • Our silicone delivers the strength and durability needed in applications throughout the automotive sector.

Silicone rubber is suitable for many more applications so if you have a query please call us now on 01903 713566 or email