silicone rubber laser etching services uk

Customise your extrusions with our in-house laser etching service

Our in-house laser etching service means you have the option to further customise your silicone rubber extrusions by having essential information and markings etched on them, including your brand logo, part numbers, or any other identifiers needed for easy part recognition, traceability, or marketing initiatives.

Why use our laser etching service?

There are countless benefits of using our laser etching service to mark your extrusions:

✓  Non-contact process: the laser beam guarantees zero mechanical stress or harm to your product

✓  Precision: the laser's exact focus enables uniform and identical marking across large volume batches

✓  Environmentally safe: our laser etching service produces no toxic by-products

✓  Intricate designs: achieve exceptionally high resolution of detail

✓  Durability: great visibility and legibility even after prolonged usage

Precise markings, made to last

Our cutting-edge N-Lase Integrated laser etcher is a powerhouse piece of advanced technology.

Its 20W-100W MOPA fibre laser enables softer materials like silicone rubber to be etched with precision and speed.

Expert manufacturing and laser etching service combined

As leaders in silicone rubber extrusions, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing training to offer you limitless customisation options.

Choosing Advanced Materials means having your silicone rubber extrusions manufactured and marked under one roof, rather than being outsourced. This ensures total supply chain control and faster turnaround times for your products.

Looking for a reliable silicone rubber extrusions specialist manufacturer that also provides part identification and traceability?

Contact our expert sales team to learn more about our laser etching service.