silicone rubber extrusion manufacturing

Unparalleled expertise in silicone rubber extrusions manufacturing

With over 30 years’ experience of manufacturing silicone rubber extrusions, Advanced Materials is an industry leader with expertise that you can confidently depend on and a reputation for consistent reliability and dedication to delivering quality products.

We manufacture customised silicone rubber extrusions suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries, including food and drink, aerospace, rail and mass transit. Plus, thanks to in-house design, tooling and laser etching services you can be assured of the shortest possible turnaround times from order to delivery.

Meeting your silicone rubber extrusions requirements

With Advanced Materials, you can be assured that we will meet your customised silicone rubber needs by offering:

Endless silicone rubber extrusion types to choose from with Advanced Materials

This comprehensive range has the dual purpose of serving customers operating in different industries with specific functional requirements, and those seeking a combination of extrusion types for a single product. As a UK silicone rubber manufacturing expert and a single supply source, we help our customers to optimise their procurement process.

Precision customisation

Understanding that every product specification is unique, we specialise in delivering tailored solutions.  Our commitment to customisation is unmatched, providing an assortment of options when it comes to selecting the perfect configuration for your application. Your extrusions can be tailored by:

  • colour
  • shore hardness
  • profile shape via our in-house tooling capability
  • length, and much more

With our in-house tooling service your custom extrusion tools can be designed, produced and adjusted quickly and accurately, minimising both costs and lead times. Other value-added in-house services include laser etching for part marking and branding, self-adhesive backing and joining to form rings or frames.

Superior quality

Our extensive experience, cutting-edge in-house technology, as well as ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrate our commitment to consistently delivering superior quality extrusions.

Our in-house toolmaking team uses cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional quality tools to manufacture your extrusions, while the production team employs a range of stringent quality controls, including inline laser measurement monitoring, routine sampling and the creation of detailed instruction documents, known as Quality Action Plans. These measures are crucial in swiftly identifying any potential discrepancies in size or shape, thereby preventing the production of nonconforming products.  

Your expert partner for silicone rubber extrusions

Advanced Materials’ dedicated team combines expertise in custom silicone rubber extrusion manufacturing with friendly customer service. Coupled with in-house tooling, design, laser etching and other essential services, you are assured of consistently high-quality products that are manufactured and delivered to you cost effectively and within tight deadlines.

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