At Advanced Materials, we recognise our duties and responsibilities towards protecting the environment, wherever we conduct our business. Because of this, we operate a policy of effecting continual improvement in ever changing environmental requirements.

By having clearly designed objectives and targets, we aim to meet or exceed the standards demanded by instruments of environmental legislation.

View our ISO 14001: 2015 accreditation here.

Reducing Energy Consumption & Emissions

Here at Advanced Materials, we strive to reduce our energy consumption and emissions, where possible.

Our factory has been fitted with LED lighting, a new boiler and energy efficient climate control air conditioning units.

We have disposed of old, unused machinery responsibly and replaced these with higher performing energy efficient equipment.

Advanced Materials has increased storage capability quite dramatically, since the start of 2021, by introducing new racking in the factory and new additional storage containers outside, meaning we can accept larger deliveries, less often.

Wastage and Disposal

We dispose of all waste in line with current government legislations and we aim to continuously reduce the amount of waste we produce, by adding improvements such as:

  • We are now using around 70% less paper, only printing where necessary and will reduce this even further once our new database launches in the next 4 – 6 months.
  • We use a confidential shredding company with a ‘no landfill’ policy.
  • Any uncured rubber left over from production is reused where possible.
  • Cardboard packaging, such as boxes and pallets, is reused for both dispatch and storage purposes.


At Advanced Materials, the team recycles all materials, where practicable. All recycling waste is collected by our selected waste management company.

Our recycling capacity has been increased and we have now introduced mixed recycle bins into our office. Alongside this we have switched to using 100% recycled paper and we have our toners recycled by an external company.

Our packaging supplier uses recyclable cardboard and is working to reach the 30% recyclable content required to avoid PPT (Plastic Packaging Tax) for their polythene bags.

While silicone is not yet fully recyclable, we are actively looking for and working with companies that are beginning this technology.


Advanced Materials considers environmental considerations when purchasing any products and selects suppliers with good environmental credentials, wherever possible.

Our Environmental sustainability is headed up by Quality Assessor; Nancy Orton.
For the answers to any questions you may have, you can get in touch with the Quality team directly here:

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Images by our Customer Service Specialist; Sara

Plant pots made from silicone rubber mouldings