Silicone Rubber Extrusions for Aerospace

Aircraft & Aerospace

Silicone rubber can withstand the extreme pressure and high temperatures experienced throughout the aerospace and aviation industry which is why it is so widely used. We have a variety of flame retardant grades suitable for multiple applications including mass transit with low smoke and low toxicity and other flame retardant grades that are more cost effective whilst still boasting a good temperature range and flame retardant properties.

The entire range can be used for rubber profiles, rubber seals, gaskets, tubing and cord for the aerospace industry. These rubbers can be supplied pigmented to pale shades in the following grades:

  • FR70R is a market leading silicone rubber developed for mass transit.  It boasts low smoke, zero halogen properties. Smoke opacity to AFNOR norm NFX10702 Smoke Index: SS.I approx: 6 and Smoke Toxicity to AFNOR norm NFX70100 conventional toxicity index : CIT approx. 2.7.
  • The FR770/xxW range has been tested to London Underground standards. It has a high temperature index with good mechanical properties and low toxicity combustion products generate a low quantity of smoke.
  • Our FRxxSB2 range is a flame-retardant grade suitable for extruding complex shapes and other items.  It represents good value for money without compromising mechanical properties.
Silicone Rubber for Aircraft and Aerospace


FR70R meets UL94V0 and conforms to the following standards: BS6853 APPENDIX B5.1, BS6853 APPENDIX A9, NF F 16101, NF F 16102, NF T 51071, NF C 20455.  Other grades are available.

We offer full traceability as standard and certificates of conformity can be supplied upon request.

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