in house extrusion tooling and design services

Fast turnaround times with our in-house extrusion tooling service

Owing to our in-house tooling expertise, we have the capability to produce new extrusion tools from scratch to meet your specific design requirements, available for use within hours, and at competitive prices. This in-house service helps to control manufacturing quality, costs, and timeframes because everything is carried out here at Advanced Materials. No time is wasted, and no additional costs are incurred from outsourcing to an external services provider.

We also maintain a growing library of over 9,000 tools, conveniently accessible via our online ordering platform. Customers in search of pre-existing extrusion designs that can seamlessly match their specific applications can explore our library and select tools from our standard profiles.

Utilising our in-house tooling capabilities, we can manufacture extrusions for a diverse range of silicone rubber products. This includes profiles, cords, tubing, gaskets and seals, joined rings and frames, as well as food grade sponge.

Our ‘die’ library boasts over 9000 tools

From design to manufacture in only 7-10 days

We can turn samples around within 7-10 working days, subject to the intricacy of the design, thanks to our skilled design team and in-house technology.

You’re just 5 easy steps away from receiving your first order with us:

  1. Present your product needs to us by sharing your 2D and 3D drawings
  2. We design and produce the extrusion tool, taking into account the flow and swell of the silicone rubber
  3. We produce extrusion samples, all of which are quality assessed, including performing checks to meet strict extrusion tolerances
  4. Once samples have been accepted by both parties, we manufacture your silicone rubber product
  5. Your products are packaged and despatched according to our agreed time and manner

Our decades-long experience in silicone rubber extrusions manufacturing means we can speedily transform your initial design into products you can readily rely on.

Custom extrusion designs for precision engineering

Tooling is an essential stage of the silicone rubber extrusion manufacturing process. Also called a 'die,' this specially designed, wire-eroded cross-section, presented in the form of a metal disc, is used to force through the silicone rubber, producing the cross-sectional shape and exact dimensions of the extruded silicone profile required.

If you are a designer, engineer or procurement specialist searching for innovative and complex extrusions to enhance product performance and meet strict regulations, our expert toolmakers are on hand to create custom tools using the latest CAD/CAM technology.

Custom extrusion tooling starts from £97 and increases according to the complexity of the design, size, and number of hollows.

Whether you already have a draft extrusion design, can share a sample, or require technical assistance in overcoming a design challenge, our experienced team is ready to help, offer feedback and provide a quotation.

Committed to providing extrusions that meet your exact requirements, we provide additional opportunities to further customise your silicone rubber extrusion by colour, shore hardness, type and much more. Learn more about our custom range here.

Sample silicone rubber extrusions, the cross-sectional shape of which are produced using our in-house library of over 9,000 tools

Get your quote in seconds

Our online ordering platform makes it easy for you to explore and select pre-existing dies from our library of standard profiles, as well as specific materials and rubber silicone colours.

Customise my order

Looking for a bespoke extrusion design? Contact our expert sales team to share your specifications and design drafts by emailing us at:

Or alternatively send us a sample of what you need.