Silicone Rubber Extrusions for Construction


Our silicone rubber extrusions possess characteristics which make them perfect for the construction industry.

Silicone rubber has fantastic weathering resistance and is UV stable which makes it perfect for the harsh outside weather conditions a building faces.

Flame retardant grades of silicone rubber are available that release no toxic gases when burnt making them suitable for building interiors.

When selecting a material for electrical insulation applications you can consider silicone rubber as it remains stable under a range of both frequency and temperature with no significant deterioration when the silicone rubber is immersed in liquid.

Silicone Rubber for Construction

For applications at high temperature, our standard range (GPxx) is suitable for up to 200°C and our high temperature range (HTxxW) is suitable for up to 300°C.

For aesthetic applications, we can supply translucent silicone rubber in our platinum cured range for better clarity (PCxx Range).  We can also colour match to your RAL number, pantone reference, BS colour code or, if preferred, to a sample you supply to us. The PC range, in particular, takes the pigments very well so we can achieve a good quality repeatable shade to suit your application.

Cold Resistant

Our standard range (GPxx) operates down to -60°C when it reaches its brittle point (Compared to around a –25°C brittle point in normal organic rubbers).

We can supply full traceability on the products we manufacture for you.  Just ask for a Certificate of Conformity when you place your order and we will send you a C of C with your goods that includes batch number and cure date.

To discuss how our silicone rubber manufacturing capabilities could help your building project, call 01903 713566 or