Silicone Rubber Extrusions for Automotive Industry


Vehicles are constantly increasing their power and speed in order to meet the demands of consumers which, in turn, increases the temperature and pressure the individual parts of a car come under.

As a result, silicone rubber is becoming an increasingly common component of modern vehicles. Silicone rubber has a unique ability to continue performing well under extremes which means it can be used in a variety of applications within vehicles.

With a high temperature range of up to 300° and high strength grades available, silicone rubber can be used in car parts such as:

  • Headlamps
  • Ignition cables
  • Radiator seals and more
Silicone Rubber for Automotive Industry and Cars

From our workshop, based in Littlehampton, West Sussex, we can manufacture a range of silicone rubbers to suit your needs. And with over 6000 dies available turnaround from Advanced Materials can be as little as seven days.

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