Silicone Rubber Technical Information from Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials has a portfolio of 11 key silicone rubber compounds to meet the many different specifications required by our customers. Our compounds are sold under the brands GP*, GP*+MPWD, HS*, MS*, FR70R, HT*W, LT50, FGS20, SR60, PC*

(GP) – General Purpose Silicone Rubber

(GP+MPWD) – Metal Detectable Silicone Rubber

(HS) – High Strength

(MS) – Medium Strength


(HTW) – High Temperature

(LT50) – Low Temperature

(FGS20) – FDA Food Grade Sponge

(SR60) – Steam Resistant

(PC) – Platinum Cured

The silicone rubbers are converted into an elastomer using our curing processes. These processes vary depending on the compound used and the shape of the profile being manufactured. With our dedicated production engineers and specialist machinery, we keep tight tolerances, create and match specific colours, meet certain specifications and design products that suit your application exactly.

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