Advanced Materials is investing in new manufacturing software

Advanced Materials is investing in new manufacturing software

We are investing in the design of manufacturing customer relationship management software as part of the ongoing development of the company. The new cloud-based system is the second major investment in our IT infrastructure since 2019 and will come online before the end of 2021.

Despite the huge impact of Covid-19 and the measures we have had to take to mitigate its effects, we are still very much focused on improving our processes and procedures, and the level of service that we provide.

The development of the new silicone rubber manufacturing software comes partly in response to customer feedback and follows our investment plan which has seen us invest in cutting and post-curing machinery during the second half of 2019 and early 2020.

How the new software is benefiting our customers

The cloud-based manufacturing software will be used to manage our processes, quality systems and customer relationships, and will ultimately help us provide customers with an improved silicone rubber manufacturing service.

The introduction of the new silicone rubber manufacturing software will have company-wide benefits, including:

  • Greater integration and automation of our silicone production processes, creating a leaner, more efficient silicone manufacturing service for our customers
  • The ability to provide customers with real-time project updates, allowing them to see the progress of their products in the manufacturing line
  • The capacity to deliver detailed project reports, giving customers a clearer overview of their jobs, including part traceability and efficiency and quality levels
  • An extra level of data and process security, ensuring that customer information is fully protected from start to finish against any type of cyberattack
  • Real-time stock monitoring, enabling us to set minimum stock levels alerts and put in place ordering systems with suppliers to ensure that we always have key materials in stock
  • The integration of our quality management systems, which will help us ensure that our high standards of silicone rubber manufacturing are consistently delivered
  • More efficient management of workplace activity, allowing us to better monitor what jobs employees are doing and to ensure that skills are being applied in the right areas
  • The production of detailed performance data that will aid our long-term development, allowing us to operate and expand more strategically and better target key growth areas

In addition, the introduction of the new cloud-based manufacturing software will dramatically reduce the amount of paper we use, which will help us to operate more sustainably and target better environmental responsibility goals.

An ongoing commitment to our staff and our customers

As we approach the last quarter of what is proving an extraordinary year, we are proud to be able to say that Advanced Materials has kept going through it all. There have been some bumps in the road, but we have remained active and have kept supplying our customers.

We have been able to do this in no small part because of our investment programme. It has given us the agility and infrastructure to adapt and survive during these tough times, and the development of the new software is a further indication of our commitment to our company and our customers.

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