Advanced Materials adds new laser etcher to in-house toolkit

Advanced Materials N-Lase Integrated machinery enables customers to improve functionality, quality, and traceability of their extrusion products

The new machinery enables customers to improve functionality, quality and traceability of their silicone rubber extrusions.

Etching products offers traceability, branding, anti-counterfeit and safety benefits

Advanced Materials has added a new laser etcher to the company’s in-house toolkit. The N-Lase Integrated, featuring the very latest innovation in laser technologies, is the most recent addition to our specialist silicone rubber manufacturing line, growing our armoury of in-house capabilities.

Also known as a laser engraver, a laser etcher uses laser technology to mark or engrave various materials. A laser beam is used to etch the surface of the material, creating a shallow but visible mark, design, or inscription. Boasting a 20W-100W MOPA fibre laser, the N-Lase Integrated is the perfect solution to enhancing our marking capabilities and can easily mark metals, plastics, anodised or coated materials and a plethora of other substrates in mere seconds.

Installed at Advanced Materials’ manufacturing facility this month and with a fully trained in-house team, the laser etcher can be used to inscribe customers’ essential product information on to their silicone rubber products to enable improved identification and branding. Moreover, for customers requiring silicone products that meet specific regulatory requirements, this new laser etching service is a reliable method to ensure safety and quality standards are met. Etching unique identifiers aids traceability and prevents counterfeiting, as well as offering customers the option to customise or personalise their silicone rubber products or parts. One specific feature of the N-Lase Integrated is its ability to readily create text, shapes, logos and a variety of barcodes.

Laser offers precision, versatility and speed

Laser etching technology provides extremely accurate engraving, crucial for intricate and detailed designs or marking specific areas of extrusions. The focused and controlled beam of the laser ensures that the etching is consistent and produces high-quality permanent marks on silicone rubber that are resistant to wear, chemicals and environmental impact.

A number of industries rely on laser etching to mark product parts because of its ability to engrave a wide range of materials, regardless of size, shape, or texture. The speed of the laser is easily controlled, allowing the operator to meet production quotas consistently.

Advanced Materials’ Technical Director, Villeater Gladman emphasised the advantages the new machinery provides to customers:

“We’re excited to introduce our new in-house laser etcher to help our customers with part marking.  We’ve seen growing demand for information part marking on our inflatable seals, as well as specific ring size marking on the outside of silicone rubber profile rings, helping customers correctly identify the correct product when it comes to assembly.”

Villeater Gladman indicates how laser etching can benefit customers from all industries:

“Interest in marking the batch number and cure date onto critical products, such as those intended for medical devices has also grown, and with the new laser etcher, we’re in a great position to provide this additional service.”

Fibre laser particularly suited to silicone rubber

The new etching machine contains a fibre laser which emits light at wavelengths that are well absorbed by silicone rubber, resulting in localised heating and etching of the rubber’s surface.

Fibre lasers operate as a non-contact process, meaning there is no physical contact between the laser and the silicone rubber. The laser energy is used to modify the surface of the silicone rubber without causing mechanical stress or damage, which is particularly important for such delicate materials.

The N-Lase Integrated’s powerful fibre laser is delivered in short pulse durations, minimising the heat affected zone (HAZ) in the material. This is especially beneficial for silicone rubber, as it helps to avoid excessive heat build-up and potential damage to the surrounding areas.

Advanced Materials in-house service offerings minimise customer costs and product lead times

Committed to producing high quality, durable silicone rubber extrusions, Advanced Materials understands the value of providing customers with a range of associated services all under one roof.

The N-Lase Integrated laser etcher, along with other recent investments in equipment, demonstrates Advanced Materials’ dedication to taking customer care to the next level. Offering additional in-house services, such as laser etching and toolmaking, removes the need for outsourcing work to an external supplier, resulting in the benefits of lower costs and faster turnaround times for customers.

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