Advanced Materials invests in the latest silicone post-curing tech

Advanced Materials invests in the latest silicone post-curing tech

Advanced Materials has made a notable addition to its advanced silicone rubber manufacturing capacity with the installation of a new silicone rubber post-curing oven.

The investment in this state-of-the-art technology, which came online in late 2019, means that we have greater capacity for post curing and our post-curing processes are quicker, cleaner and more comprehensive.

New oven lifts silicone rubber post-curing services to a new level

The installation of the new oven means that we can carry out silicone rubber post curing to an even higher standard and that we can be even more adaptable in the services that we offer. This translates into a higher-quality, more cost-efficient service for our customers.

The new post-curing oven is used only to cure platinum-cured grades of silicone. This means that we spend less time and fewer resources on cleaning our ovens between jobs and it means we can confidently meet WRAS approval on our Platinum Cured materials.

Furthermore, the new technology gives us the ability to produce digital thermal graphs and to separate materials. It also allows us to provide traceability.

Post-curing oven addition part of wide-ranging growth strategy

The addition of the new post-curing oven is the latest step in a wide-ranging growth strategy that has involved significant investment in new technology and new expertise at Advanced Materials.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have integrated two senior silicone specialists and a quality assessor into our team. We also enhanced our staff training program to ensure our team has the knowledge needed to provide the service expected of us. We have also upgraded our IT systems and expanded our extrusion machining capacity in order to meet the continued success of our operations.

Post-curing oven investment underlines commitment to quality

This latest investment reflects our commitment to the highest standards of quality in everything we do, from the materials we offer and the work on our factory floors to the customer service that we provide and the products that we deliver.

We will continue to invest in our manufacturing capacity in 2020, from the latest equipment and expertise to a new specialist silicone rubber manufacturing facility, which is due to be opened before the end of the year.

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