Why 2020 is a big year for silicone rubber manufacturer Advanced Materials

Why 2020 is a big year for silicone rubber manufacturer Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials team are excited to build on the success of 2019 in the year ahead. Having received key forward looking orders has helped us confidently invest in core equipment and processes that allow us to continue to meet the demand for our products in 2020.

We will hit the ground running in 2020, thanks in part to the momentum that we generated in 2019. We achieved the goals set out in our strategic growth plan, posting solid revenue growth for a year in which we invested significantly in our services, equipment and team.

The addition of Senior Specialists to the Advanced Materials team

Enhancing our silicone rubber manufacturing expertise was a major focus in 2019. We restructured our workforce, changing a number of roles, and made several new hires. Notably, we added two senior silicone specialists to the team and a quality assessor.

The addition of these new team members gives us greater depth and breadth of expertise. This means augmented workplace efficiency and safety and improved performance, which allows us to deliver a better service to our customers. It also means that we can offer our junior staff more support in the form of extra mentoring resources.

Investment in training and equipment underlines commitment to excellence

Staying on the topic of staff support, we also invested significantly in in-house training programmes in 2019. This enhanced support system is providing us with a stronger platform to achieve individual and company productivity and quality-standard goals. These include improving the service that we offer to our customers and cementing our status as a leading specialist silicone rubber manufacturer.

In terms of new equipment, we made a number of key acquisitions during the year, including a new, top-of-the-range post-curing oven. This new piece of equipment gives us the ability to produce digital thermal graphs and to separate materials without time consuming clean downs, and allows us to provide traceability.

New silicone rubber manufacturing facility to mark milestone year

Our strong performance in 2019 has given us the platform to begin a major phase of growth in 2020, a year in which Advanced Materials celebrates a significant milestone – our 21st birthday. The focal point of this development is the opening of a new specialist silicone rubber manufacturing facility.

Having consistently hit our growth targets in recent years, it became clear to us that to maintain this performance in 2020 and beyond we needed to expand our physical base. That’s why, this coming year, we will open a new 6,000ft – 8,000ft specialist silicone rubber manufacturing facility.

The new facility will be equipped with the latest equipment and technology, and staffed by a dedicated expert workforce. The opening will be a landmark moment for Advanced Materials and is a development that underlines our ongoing commitment to excellence.

To find out more about Advanced Materials’ silicone rubber manufacturing services, contact us on 01903 713566 or sales@amsilicones.co.uk.