Why building good customer relations is important

Why building good customer relations is important

How important is building good customer relations? We believe that the quality of our customer relationships and how we go about building them is integral to our success.

The marketplace is competitive, to a point where high-quality products and services are no longer the differentiators they once were. That’s why good customer relationships and in particular how you design and deliver your customer relationship management are vital.

The importance of communication and availability

Today, customer relation management is a critical part of company strategic infrastructure and rightly so. What is particularly crucial are the parameters of this strategy.

Landing a customer, dealing with the order, delivering the product and confirming the transaction are all important, but customer relation management should have a broader scope – it’s about communication at every step of the customer journey, including before they sign on the dotted line and after the sale is completed.

Communication should be regular, and the message should be well presented, clear and consistent at every stage. This level of attention to detail and commitment to quality help form the bonds that are the basis for long-term customer relationships.

One of the most important aspects of this communication is showing customers that you and your resources are available whenever they need them. It’s about demonstrating that you are part of their team regardless of whether they are still in the potential customer category, their product is on the factory floor, or their project has been completed.

Why good client relations is a job for every department

We believe that building good customer relations is the job of every employee, because achieving this goal is related to everything a company does and every aspect of a business.

For example, at Advanced Materials, we have recently invested in a state-of-the-art post-curing oven and staff training programmes. By conveying this to our existing customers, whether in person, by phone or in an email, and to potential customers, through marketing communication, we are letting them know that these resources are available to them. Furthermore, at another stage, it is about communicating the customer-specific benefits these resources can provide.

The same can be said about the opening of our new specialist silicone rubber manufacturing facility later this year. Again, communicating this development is part of a good customer-relationship-building strategy. It is about letting customers know that you are continually improving your offer and making the latest technology and expertise available to them.

What Advanced Materials is doing to ensure good customer relations

Building good customer relations is a multi-faceted strategy and we are continually assessing and developing our approach, in order to ensure that our relationships are as strong as possible.

That’s why, in the year ahead, we will be committing even more resources to our customer relationship management and investing even more time in visiting our customers and finding out more about what they want and how these needs can be met.

We will be communicating how we’re growing, from our new senior silicone specialists and our new in-house technology, to our new silicone rubber manufacturing facility, and letting our customers know how this growth improves our services and products.

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