In-house Tooling

We use the latest CAD, CAM technology to create our Extrusion and Joining tools

At Advanced Materials, we strive to continuously improve our service to our customers. Investing in CAD, CAM technology has proved invaluable in helping us deliver an outstanding service as it allows us to design and create bespoke rubber extrusion tooling in-house.

This has provided us with the means to create tooling quickly and precisely to suit our customer’s needs. Whether we need to modify a tool or create a new one from scratch, we can produce competitively priced, accurate and unique tooling to suit any requirement.

With over 9000 extrusion tools to choose from, most extrusion requests are available without a tooling charge. This includes silicone rubber profiles, tubing and cord as well as rubber strip dies.

We are also continually creating new, high precision silicone products in order to meet our customer’s sealing requirements. New silicone rubber profiles are added to our product line every day and we have the capability to supply these extrusions as coils, punched gaskets, cut lengths & joined rings or frames meaning we create a product that fits your application perfectly.

Our Order Online Facility makes it easy to explore all of our existing silicone extrusion profiles and purchase the quantity needed in a specific material and colour. Please visit our Order Online Facility and find the solution to your application now.

Just in case you are unable to find the perfect extrusion design within our existing tooling range then please contact us. We are here to help and will work with you to find the perfect silicone material & profile design to meet your requirements.

If you already have a seal design in mind, or want to discuss an alteration to an existing design then please send us a drawing or call us to discuss some options.

Also visit our custom range page to find out more about our capabilities of new extrusion tools.