How silicone rubber is helping drive industry innovation

How silicone rubber is helping drive industry innovation

Technology is constantly evolving, and the silicone industry is playing a key role in how leading companies are driving innovation and developing new products. Silicone rubber materials are transforming products, processes, and industries.

Its resistance to heat, cold, UV and chemicals, its flame retardancy, chemical stability and electric properties, and its adhesiveness and durability are among the properties that are helping silicone rubber components drive the evolution of industry technology.

The benefits of silicone rubber materials are being applied by tech innovators across the industry spectrum, from aerospace, automotive and rail to construction, energy and healthcare, and 3D printing.

Silicone rubber and electric-car and renewable-energy innovation

Within the automotive industry, silicone rubber materials are being used in various ways to make vehicles safer, more reliable, more efficient, and more eco-friendly. Silicone parts are critical to these processes and are being used in engine and drivetrain systems, electrical systems, suspension systems and other areas.

With regard to the renewable energy sector, silicone rubber materials are being increasingly used in the manufacture of solar panels and wind turbine blades, as a result of their temperature resistance, chemical and thermal stability and UV resistance.

How silicone seals are helping the development of 3D printer tech

The silicone rubber parts manufactured by Advanced Materials are proving their value within the development of 3D printing.

One of the challenges faced by a key customer in the development of its 3D printing technology, was how to effectively seal off different components of the printer from powder created during the printing process. The seals also had to withstand the heat generated from the printing process so that degradation did not occur, causing failure of the seal.

These parameters meant that the chosen material was critical, and Advanced Materials’ design engineers were called to help design silicone profile gaskets that would not only restrict the powder but also withstand the heat of the 3D printing operations.

The company worked with Advanced Materials to develop silicone seals that ensured the powder did not contaminate the printer and affect its performance.

We have been successfully working together for over 3 years and are successfully helping develop seals for the 3D printer designs of the future.

The importance of the right silicone rubber manufacturing partner

Silicone rubber is making innovation possible and helping companies make some incredible advances. Key to this success is working with the right silicone rubber manufacturing partner.

The right partner will have highly experienced and skilled staff and will offer fast turnaround times. They will also have extensive in-house capabilities, including compounding silicone materials, 2D and 3D design, CNC and wire erosion machining facilities, tight tolerance extrusion processing, vulcanising presses for gasket forming and the latest post-curing machinery.

If you are looking for a silicone rubber manufacturer partner that strives to offer these service standards, then we hope you consider Advanced Materials as your key partner.

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