5 reasons why silicone extrusions and gaskets are perfect for building and construction projects

5 reasons why silicone extrusions and gaskets are perfect for building and construction projects.

Silicone extrusions and gaskets are flexible, robust and durable. This makes them a superb fit for construction projects.

Applications include door and window seals, expansion joints, vibration damping and electronic insulation.

5 reasons why you should use silicone materials in your construction project

  1. The material. Silicone materials are extremely durable and can resist decay caused by severe weather conditions, moisture and UV exposure. The materials can be adapted to meet the stringent demands of the construction industry, such as those relating to fire specifications, vibration damping and building energy efficient requirements.
  2. Project innovation. Silicone is a perfect material for innovative building designs that feature the likes of curved structures and dramatic colours. This is because silicone is highly adaptable: from flexibility and compression adjustments to being easily pigmentable. Silicone can help realise the grandest of architectural ideas.
  3. Cost effective. Extrusion is a very efficient process that allows strict control over the desired shape of the silicone extrusion. It is typically more cost effective than other processes, such as molding, because extrusion is a continuous process once set and doesn’t require expensive tooling.
  4. Purpose-fit gaskets. Vulcanizing extrusion into gaskets allows the extrusion to be assembled according to the specific length frame or ring that will fit exactly into your application. This aides fit and seal quality. The unique process gives a uniform join and a perfect seal that ensures joints are strong and unnoticeable, making it perfect for door and glazing seals.
  5. Additional processes. Additional value-added processes can be added to make seals last longer and help applications operate more efficiently. Such processes include:

a. The addition of anti-static surface finishing to reduce friction and seal wear
b. Detectable materials for safety and identification
c. Self-adhesive backing to help secure seals to applications

Silicone sealing components help deliver better performing, longer-lasting and more cost-efficient sealing solutions. This makes them ideal for the unique requirements of construction projects.

With the right specialist silicone rubber manufacturing partner in place, which can design silicone extrusions and gaskets to exact requirements and offer end-to-end expert service assistance, you can apply these benefits to your construction project.

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