Why we are committed to investing in Advanced Materials

Why we are committed to investing in Advanced Materials

Our team are the catalyst that ensure Advanced Materials’ success, and therefore it is crucial that we create an environment where ideas are generated, the right tools are available and the opportunities are taken to improve our processes & products.

From our Customer Service Specialists on the front line, to our Silicone Sealing Specialists behind the scenes, manufacturing the products, their commitment to continuous improvement is fundamental to our business success. Our dedication to continuous improvement is what creates the increased value we can offer our customers and helps us remain at the forefront of silicone technology.

Over the last couple of years, we have invested significantly in our team, in our silicone rubber manufacturing capabilities and in expanding the scale of our operations, developing our systems to ensure that our customers receive a consistently high level of service and value.

Investing in our team’s training and career development

Advanced Materials aims to develop our team to enable individual progression within the company and overall career advancement. Training presents a key opportunity to expand the knowledge base and skill set of our team, not just within silicone manufacturing, but also in team building, project management, quality management and much more. It contributes significantly to improved operations, increased team morale and customer satisfaction, and to our sustainable growth.

We are proud to say that the development of internal training modules and the use of 3rd party training courses is helping Advanced Materials to build a loyal team, one that our customers can rely on to solve their application requirements using our silicone sealing technology.

Investing in new silicone rubber manufacturing technology

Investing in the latest silicone rubber manufacturing technology is critical to the development of our business. Ensuring equipment progression means that we will be at the forefront of industry quality standards, that we have the flexibility and resources to meet increasing product demand and that we always deliver the highest quality products on time and to budget.

In 2019 we have invested in machinery for our Littlehampton facility: including new extruder machinery, bringing the total number of extrusion machines that we have to eight, a second post curing oven is being installed, meaning we can separate the curing of different materials as we add them to our arsenal of product choices, a new silicone mill for manufacturing compound and a new hotbox for curing our extrusions at a far more efficient rate.

We aim to build on our reputation for excellence and reliability, and our decision to purchase this machinery reflects our commitment to high-quality manufacturing standards and to providing our customers with the highest level of service.

Investing in the security of our IT systems and developing online services

Our belief in investing for the future goes beyond manufacturing equipment, we are committed to operating the latest IT infrastructure and adding to the speed, accuracy and value of our service.

A major upgrade of the Advanced Materials IT system to a cloud-based structure has improved not just our IT security, but also the standard of our operations and the level of service our customers receive. It gives Advanced Materials a strong platform for targeting further improvements and meeting demands relating to the development of our industry and the growth of our business.

In addition, we continue to invest in critical IT applications, to create bespoke software that ensures we offer our customers quick return of quotes, easily tracked orders, and increased communication. The need for fast movement of accurate information is what drives the growth of Advanced Materials and its customers, and therefore we are committed to improving this offering.

A commitment to supplying the silicone sealing technologies of the future

Putting new technology in place, ensuring equipment progression, keeping pace with digitalisation and maintaining an expert workforce is no easy feat, but it is a strategy that we are fully committed too and one that will continue well into the future of Advanced Materials Ltd.

Investing in this way is a commitment to our team, our customers and to the silicone industry that we will continue to deliver the service expected, and sets out the future of our business by ensuring our ability to supply the next generation of silicone sealing technologies.

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