What to look for in a supplier of silicone inflatable seal solutions

What to look for in a supplier of silicone inflatable seal solutions
When you choose a manufacturing partner for your silicone inflatable rubber seals, it is essential that you pick a silicone rubber manufacturer that will provide you with the level of service and the product quality that you need.

The use of silicone inflatable rubber seals, which are also referred to as pneumatic seals, is growing across the industry spectrum, not least because these seals are the most effective method of sealing parts that move in relation to one another and need to be connected and disconnected at different moments.

What to look for in a manufacturer of silicone inflatable seals

To help you make the right decision, here is a short guide to the best practices to look for in a supplier of silicone inflatable rubber seal solutions.

  • Design capabilities. You will have exact requirements for your inflatable rubber seal. By using a silicone rubber manufacturer with in-house design capabilities, such as Advanced Materials, the process of creating your inflatable rubber seal solution will be straightforward. Furthermore, this expertise ensures a smooth progression from seal design to manufacture.
  • Manufacturing expertise. It is critical that your inflatable rubber seal is manufactured to exact tolerances and specifications. This requires the correct application of precise moulding and joining processes and operational procedures, as well as detailed knowledge of the various silicone compounds used in the manufacturing process.
  • Large stock of components. The creation of silicone inflatable seal solutions for companies across the industry spectrum requires the use of a wide range of components. The manufacturing partner you choose has to be able to quickly and efficiently meet this demand. For example, Advanced Materials provides stainless steel valves and silicone connector tubes that are moulded to inflatable seals in line with exact specifications to allow compressed air inflation.
  • The latest technology. In order to ensure the quality of your silicone inflatable seals, you should choose a manufacturing partner that operates the latest technology and is capable of carrying out high-tech processes, and invests in maintaining this standard of service. For example, Advanced Materials moulds valves into extrusions using a vulcanisation process, before the extrusion is moulded together using the same process, creating a seal that can be expanded and contracted at will.
  • Comprehensive testing capability. Testing is an integral part of the design and manufacturing process – for example, pressure-gauge testing to specific PSIs – and you should use a silicone rubber manufacture that has comprehensive testing capability. This capacity, which Advanced Materials offers, will help ensure that your silicone inflatable rubber seal meets your exact specifications and performs well.
  • Product quality. As silicone inflatable rubber seals have a range of applications, product quality is paramount. Accuracy and performance in demanding conditions, such as those found in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries, are essential. The silicone inflatable seals manufactured by Advanced Materials have a working pressure of up to four bar and can be used in applications whose temperatures range from -60°C to +220°C, as well as even higher temperatures for short periods.
  • Compliance with industry standards. Your specialist silicone rubber manufacturer should comply with all appropriate national and international regulations and hold the related certifications. This is your guarantee of consistent quality. One of the most important certifications for a supplier of silicone inflatable seal solutions to hold is ISO 9001.
  • Product identification. The efficient identification and marking of products, as carried out by Advanced Materials, dramatically improves traceability, which avoids unnecessary cost and waste. It means that products can be traced right back to the compound stages of manufacture using batch numbers. This ensures that you receive consistently high product quality.
  • An end-to-end in-house service. The specialist silicone rubber manufacturer that you choose to supply your silicone inflatable rubber seals should offer design, manufacturing and testing services on an in-house basis. This level of service, as offered by Advanced Materials, helps ensure the highest level of quality control for your products, a quicker order-processing schedule and greater cost-efficiency.

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