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5 benefits of using silicone rubber for window and door seals

5 benefits of using silicone rubber for window and door seals

More and more manufacturers are producing windows and doors whose seals are made of silicone rubber.

This increase in the use of silicone rubber seals is being driven by rising demand for high-quality windows and doors that perform in all weather conditions, and the growing popularity of bespoke glazing and doors.

This is why silicone rubber for window and door seals is becoming the norm

  1. Silicone rubber has a unique versatility, which means that it is ideally suited to bespoke glazing and doors. It can be used in complex glazing and door application designs, without losing any of its benefits.
  2. Silicone rubber is highly resistant to UV light and has excellent long-term resistance to degradation caused by sunlight and oxygen. This means that window and door seals made using silicone rubber are more durable and last longer.
  3. The mechanical properties of silicone rubber allow it to perform consistently at high and low temperatures. This means that window and door seals that feature silicone rubber will perform reliably in all weather conditions.
  4. Silicone rubber window and door seals have superior insulation properties. They are water- and moisture-repellent, and have excellent gas permeability. This translates into better performing, longer-lasting and more cost-efficient products.
  5. Silicone rubber is easily pigmentable. As a result, specific colour choices for bespoke glazing and doors, or company and brand colour specifications are straightforward to apply.

How to add silicone-based door and window seals to your product range

Adding silicone rubber-based door and window seals to your product range and taking advantage of growing demand for high-performing all-weather windows and doors, and bespoke glazing and doors are simple.

The most important step is choosing the right specialist silicone rubber manufacturer. Your supplier should be one that can meet your exact requirements, offering assistance with everything from development, design and sampling to testing, manufacture and post-product care.

With this kind of silicone rubber compound supplier in place, you will be better positioned to target these fast-growing market segments.

Find out more about silicone rubber solutions for window and door seals from Advanced Materials.

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