Why you should use a silicone rubber specialist for manhole cover seals

Why you should use a silicone rubber specialist for manhole cover seals
The seal is integral to the functionality of a manhole cover and has a direct impact on how it performs and on your maintenance costs.

The benefits of a silicone rubber manhole cover seal is vast; and you should consider using a specialist silicone rubber manufacturer to work with you on choosing the right silicone material, the perfect profile shape and to vulcanize the part into a perfect size to create a uniform air tight seal.

Here’s why you silicone could be the perfect material for your manhole cover application.

The benefits of using silicone manhole cover seals and a specialist supplier

  • A specialist silicone rubber manufacturer would provide you with tailor-made profile designs to fit almost any manhole cover application. The design and development of silicone sealing technologies is critical to help create bespoke sealing solutions based on your product specification.
  • A silicone rubber specialist would be able to offer many silicone materials fit for your application; from high temperature resistance, excellent UV and weather resistant properties to high tear strength materials. The excellent durability of silicone makes it an ideal material for manhole cover seals. Silicone manhole cover seals also offer enhanced protection against more bespoke applications, including steam pressure, liquid exposure, traffic loads and road debris. Silicone seals are waterproof and extremely resilient in all weather conditions.
  • A silicone rubber specialist would have the call-off policy, stock system and manufacturing volume to ensure that you have access to a reliable supply of manhole cover seals. They will be able to meet fluctuations in demand so that you always get your seals when you need them.
  • A specialist silicone rubber manufacture would hold ISO 9001 certification. Compliance with this global standard means that your supplier operates according to national and international regulations, and that you are assured of a consistently high level of product quality.
  • Working with a silicone manufacturing specialist guarantees you a perfect seal for your manhole cover. Silicone seals can be designed to tight tolerances and they ensure that no contamination or leakage occurs during the application.

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