Building the Advanced Materials team

Building the Advanced Materials team

When you read about the success of a business, normally you are presented with details of major contract wins, the latest technology investments, and evolving services. The contribution of employees can be overlooked. However, for Advanced Materials, the development of our team has been crucial to the success of our silicone manufacturing operations.

Our team is critical to the future of the company, they will be key in helping us to achieve growth, sustainability and continuous improvement within silicone manufacturing. We know that our employees are the engine that keeps us moving forward and that their skills and experience fuel the performance that sets us apart from the rest.

As you would expect, the COVID-19 situation set our plans for Advanced Materials back, however our team showed dedication, expertise and drive to do all they could to show that Advanced Materials is a strong company, has a strong team and a strong future. Our thoughts and prayers are with all our team, customers, suppliers and anyone affected by the virus.

A commitment to silicone manufacturing talent and know-how

This commitment to talent and know-how is part and parcel of our company philosophy and is integral to how we have grown our operations over the last 36 months. We have remodelled our workforce in response to our evolution as a company and how we want to continue to grow.

We have created several roles and further added to the members of our silicone manufacturing team. For example, we have recently welcomed aboard two senior silicone rubber specialists, a quality assessor and customer service specialists. Our senior team consists of our Managing Director, Technical Director, Operations Manager, and Accounts Manager.

This restructuring, recruitment and training means that we are able to continue to offer and improve on our leading silicone rubber manufacturing service. You can be sure that we have the breadth and depth of expertise to consistently deliver a high level of service and that you have access to the information and service required for your silicone rubber application requirements.

Investing in nurturing in-house silicone rubber expertise

Building a successful silicone rubber manufacturing team is not based on recruitment alone. Nurturing existing talent is just as important. Therefore we are investing significantly in in-house training programmes and our experts know that mentoring junior staff is part of their job description.

This dedication to learning and supporting staff is providing us with a stronger platform to achieve individual and company productivity and quality-standard goals. It helps ensure that we are always providing the standard of service that makes us stand out in the silicone rubber manufacturing field.

How our team is helping shape the future of Advanced Materials

In the 2020, Advanced Materials had its eye on developing a second specialist silicone rubber manufacturing facility in Littlehampton. However, due to the economic climate caused by Covid-19, it was decided that this be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

As the news of the virus changed rapidly, the Advanced Materials team approached the situation on a day by day basis and monitored the situation regularly in order to make the best decisions for our team, our customers and others affected by the operations of Advanced Materials.

We are continuing to monitor the government advice on how to tackle the outbreak and are 100% committed to meeting their requirements on how best to operate in such a severe and unknown situation. We currently remain able to keep providing the service that our customers require, however please bear with us as we navigate through this day by day. Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing our valued business relationship with you.

We are proud of what we are achieving and of the standard of service that we consistently deliver to our silicone manufacturing customers, and we know that the quality of our team and how we invest in building it are critical to this performance, now and in the future.

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