Silicone product innovation: medical industry equipment

Silicone product innovation: medical industry equipment

The NHS are doing an extraordinary job fighting Covid-19. Doctors, nurses and other care staff are putting themselves at tremendous risk to treat the sick and save lives. They are an example to us all.

Behind the scenes, the silicone industry is making a small but important contribution to the battle against the spread of the virus by designing, manufacturing and delivering silicone components for the medical industry for personal protective equipment and related products.

In line with an industry-wide trend, Advanced Materials has seen an influx of enquiries about the use of silicone materials in medical products, including personal protective equipment. Why? Because silicone rubber is well suited to medical industry applications.

Why silicone parts are well suited to medical industry applications

Silicone rubber is highly adaptable, meaning that it can be used for a wide range of applications, and it can withstand high temperatures, which means that it can be put through an autoclave and sterilised. It is also highly durable and can easily be cleaned.

These properties, among others, make silicone rubber an ideal material for use in the manufacture of products that need to protect users against contamination. For example, silicone rubber components are being used in applications that hold medical visors to faces and seal off machine parts to protect against the transmission of Covid-19.

Naturally, medical product manufacturers have to adhere to stringent regulations and specifications. Platinum-cured silicone rubber components that meet strict national regulations, such as FDA and USP Class IV standards, help ensure that manufacturers meet these stipulations.

How we are delivering essential services and protecting staff

It goes without saying that while Advanced Materials is working hard to deliver essential services to its customers, including those in the medical industry, we are equally as focused on keeping our team safe and well.

Where possible, staff members are working at home and, to protect employees who are coming into work, we are operating a shift system to reduce the number of people in buildings at any one time. We are also ensuring that, when employees are on-site, they work at least two meters apart.

In addition, we are regularly cleaning all surfaces and risk areas with anti-bacterial solutions and we have anti-bacterial wash stations for staff. Needless to say, all non-essential travel has been stopped.

It is inspiring to see our team going the extra mile to ensure that customers are receiving their silicone component orders. They are working hard to provide design, prototype, full manufacturing and delivery services, and ensure that orders of all sizes are turned around quickly.

Providing silicone components that are helping to save lives

The healthcare and medical sectors play a vital role in society, never more so than now, as experts work hard to develop vaccines and tests, manufacturers focus on the production of personal protective equipment, and NHS staff work bravely to care for the sick.

The silicone industry is playing its part and we are incredibly proud to be able to say that we are doing our bit, small as it is, by providing silicone parts for medical products that are helping to protect NHS and other care workers.

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