Silicone product innovation: FGS materials for the food industry

Silicone product innovation: FGS materials for the food industry

Product innovation is a critical part of who we are and this is particularly true at a time when we are focused on delivering essential silicone manufacturing services to our customers, while keeping our team safe and well.

For example, Advanced Materials is continuing to develop its range of food-grade silicone sponge (FGS) products to meet the evolving needs of the food and drinks industry. We have been working with manufacturers in the food and drink industry for over 30 years, designing and manufacturing a range of silicone rubber products.

The investment in product development is part of our commitment to providing customers across the industry spectrum with the bespoke services and products that they need in a challenging marketplace.

FDA compliant silicone sponge products are ideal for the food and drinks industry

These silicone sponge components have passed independent testing for FDA compliance and are well suited to the food and drinks industry. This is because the silicone sponge material is extremely versatile, hygienic, can withstand high temperatures and high pressures and can be used in close contact with food and beverages.

Our food-grade silicone sponge materials are ideal for use on food and drinks production lines, used for compression and cushioning, shock absorption, vibration dampening and insulating. The food-grade silicone sponge is also used in thermal insulation, filters, and custom gaskets that need to meet various standards and approvals.

Notably, our food-grade silicone sponge materials exhibit a low degree of moisture absorption, which helps to ensure that little change occurs in their mechanical properties, even after prolonged periods of immersion. In addition, the materials are available in industry-appropriate colours.

How we are developing FGS materials for the food and drinks industry

We are dedicated to helping our customers stay one step ahead. We do this by working with them to provide food-grade silicone sponge materials that achieve a consistently high level of performance. We understand that our food and drinks industry customers must adhere to tight regulations and specifications, and that’s why we invest heavily in creating silicone rubber and sponge products that are WRAS and FDA compliant.

For example, we have developed FGS materials for the food and drinks industry that meet the specifications detailed in the FDA CFR 177.2600, BfR XV-Silicones and EC 1935 2004 regulations.

Another key area of advancement within our silicone and FGS materials is the development of anti-friction products and testing, this process reduces the surface friction of the silicone part considerably and is currently being tested for FDA compliance.

How we are delivering product innovation to the rail industry

We are also developing silicone rubber products for a range of other industries. An example is the mass transport sector, in particular the rail industry.

Manufacturers in these areas are using silicone rubber components because of the components’ ability to withstand the extreme pressure, high temperatures and other continuous stresses that are characteristic of these transport system vehicles.

Our development of silicone rubber components for the rail industry includes the creation of products using the FR 70R silicone rubber compound. This material was developed specifically for the mass transit industry because of its flame-retardancy properties.

Your silicone rubber manufacturing partner and product innovation

Silicone rubber materials are transforming products, processes, and industries, and how manufacturers engage with this resource is critical. It is essential to have the right silicone rubber manufacturer partner.

When it comes to innovation, your partner should have the ability to deliver the materials that meet critical application requirements. They should have the capabilities, experience, and expertise to work with you to develop key products for the industry and we hope to be that partner.

Reliability is crucial, when every business is working extremely hard to manage the impact of Covid-19 on its operations, communities and families. It is at this time that a true partnership really counts.

We thank our customers, suppliers and team members for their support at this time and look forward to developing successful working relationships into the future.

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