Design for manufacture of silicone rubber extrusions

Design for manufacture of silicone rubber extrusions

Many industries, from food and drink manufacturing, to the automotive, aerospace and construction sectors, will regularly find themselves requiring bespoke silicone products which are used for a huge variety of applications.

More often than not, the manufacture of these silicone products demands in-depth design to specifically suit the application parameters, and will require the creation of new tooling to ensure correct and repeatable manufacturing.

To achieve the optimum results, it is important to choose a specialist silicone rubber manufacturer that can help work with you on the design, offering valuable feedback on manufacturability and material selection to help you achieve the right solution in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

The steps involved in the design for manufacture of silicone rubber extrusions include:

  1. Working closely with your chosen silicone rubber manufacturer to ensure they fully understand the requirements of the application.
  2. During collaboration meetings, your silicone rubber manufacturer can offer suggestions for suitable material grades and offer profile design tips to suit both your application and to allow for manufacturability.
  3. Initially, samples from the new tooling should be produced for approval prior to full-scale production to allow for prototype testing and feedback.
  4. From your feedback, your manufacturing company can make modifications and optimise the tooling to ensure that your silicone rubber extrusions are completely fit for your purposes.
  5. When all parties are satisfied with the samples, then your silicone rubber extrusion or product will go into mass production.

The benefits of choosing expert design for the manufacture of silicone rubber extrusions

Most silicone rubber manufacturers should be able to take you through the processes mentioned above.

However, a specialist silicone company with the right capabilities, technical knowledge, quality control processes and in-house tooling design capabilities and resources, will help ensure you get the very best from the collaboration process, resulting in high quality, repeatable silicone rubber parts that suit your exact requirements.

Ideally, your silicone rubber partner will have the flexibility to work from your sketches, drawings and samples, the know-how to design tooling that will provide the best solution and be able to offer quick quotations to carry out these processes to ensure you aren’t waiting around for information.

At Advanced Materials, we have invested in CAD, CAM technology which allows us to design and create bespoke rubber extrusion tooling quickly and precisely to suit our customer’s needs. This up to date technology goes hand in hand with the many years experience behind our silicone extrusions manufacturing design team.

For these reasons, we are confident that Advanced Materials can create extrusion tooling using our in-house wire erosion EDM technologies, in a timely, competitively priced and accurate manner.

Finding the right silicone rubber extrusions design

When it comes to designing your bespoke silicone rubber parts, it is important to work with knowledgeable technical staff whose expertise can ensure that your silicone extrusions will meet your quality and performance expectations.

Advanced Materials is a leading supplier of silicone rubber extrusions. To find out more about our silicone rubber manufacturing services contact our expert and friendly team on +44 (0)1903 713566 or