A new tool room for Advanced Materials

A new tool room for Advanced Materials

We recently completed the construction of a fully enclosed steel partitioned tool room at our silicone rubber extrusions factory in Littlehampton.

The aim of the build was to protect the sensitive electronics in the EDM wire erosion equipment that we use to create extrusion tools by surrounding the machines with a floor to ceiling steel partitioned wall.

The partition keeps the Tool Making away from the rest of the factory, keeping it fully protected from any dust, talc or other contaminants used in the manufacturing process.

This addition to the factory was designed to increase machine uptime, to ensure that our customers who require the creation of new extrusion tooling and a short sample will see stability of service, and that the team will experience operational reliability.

Prototype sampling against a new tool has become a regular service that we offer, enhanced by investments in 2019 into our CAD/CAM capabilities. We can modify, develop and create precision silicone cross sections (profiles) for a variety of applications.

The new tool room allows us to increase the number of new tools that we can create per week, to keep up with demand from customers.

Our customers usually consider the tooling required to make bespoke silicone rubber extruded profiles fairly inexpensive, in comparison to tooling for manufacturing other materials and other manufacturing methods.

If you’d like to find out for yourself:

To get a quotation for a new tooling and a sample you can send your enquiries over to sales@amsilicones.co.uk / or telephone 01903 713566.