New LED optical measurement system

New LED optical measurement system

Advanced Materials is pleased to announce the arrival of a new Keyence LED Optical Measurement System.

This investment is the latest in a series of planned investments in state-of-the-art measurement systems, which will help us to ensure we meet our customers’ Quality Objectives.

The LED optical measurement system provides greater stability of measurement over long production runs and delivers precision and reliability in a repeatable manner, this is because the technology is able to output up to 2000 dimension readings per meter, where previous manual measurements were 2 or 3 measurements per meter. This means our team is able to provide our customers with uniform products that can be reproduced on every order.

In practice, the new measuring equipment has also boosted efficiency, this is because the accurate, in-line dimension readouts mean the operators no longer need to check dimensions every 25 metres and are able to manufacture longer lengths of extrusion on large jobs. This saves time in production and gives us more flexibility in the coil lengths we can offer.

The image below shows traditional measurement techniques employed by engineers using Vernier Calipers.

Traditional measurement with vernier calliper

Now, thanks to the new LED Optical measurement system, dimensions can be continually measured in-line, meaning that the operator is immediately notified of any variation and is able to rapidly implement quality control measures.

In addition, measuring the extrudate with more traditional measurement systems, such as Vernier Calipers can bring complications. The silicone rubber is only in a partially cured state at this measurement stage and these manual methods of measurement cause risk of marking the silicone. With our new LED optical system, the chance of this occurring has been eliminated due to the non-contact system.

The investment in this inline measurement system has proved to be a valuable step towards meeting our continuous improvement objectives and gives our customers confidence that their silicone products are manufactured to the highest standard possible.

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