New storage for raw material

New storage for raw material

Advanced Materials has recently tripled its storage capacity for raw materials to protect customers from supply chain disruptions caused by global raw material shortages and shipping delays.

The team at Advanced Materials has been mindful that the supply chain for silicone rubber has been volatile for the past couple of years and we have been taking action to mitigate any interruptions to material supply.

At present, the situation surrounding the global supply of silicone rubber raw material does not seem to be improving, with troubling conflicts in Europe now unfortunately exacerbating supply chain disruptions.

Lead times for some grades of the raw materials coming into us have increased from a few days to several months. As such, we have taken action to minimise disruption for our customers and made further investments by expanding the storage facilities we have available for our raw materials, adding racking within the factory, changing the layout of the material mixing areas and adding several new storage containers.

Our stock levels are built based on holding everything we will need for the next few months of manufacturing. By increasing the amount of raw materials we can hold, we can ensure that the orders arriving into us are simply replenishing our stock. Therefore, any delays on material coming into us should not cause disruption for our customers.

We have our raw material orders placed for regular deliveries over the next 12 months, and have long standing relationships with our suppliers. We are hopeful that these additional measures will mitigate any future disruptions that may occur, and that our customers can reap the benefit of an uninterrupted supply.

With so many supply chain issues arising over the past few years, many of our customers are opting to send us long term scheduled orders, or their forecast requirements.

If you would like us to check if we can accommodate your orders for the next six or 12 months, please get in contact with the team at or telephone 01903 713566.