Advanced Materials invests in new silicone cutting technology

Advanced Materials invests in new silicone cutting technology

We are committed to supplying the highest-quality silicone component manufacturing services to our customers – this is why we’ve invested in new silicone cutting technology.

The purchase of the new silicone cutting machine, which will go into operation at our silicone extrusions production site in West Sussex, is part of a long-term investment plan that is aimed at making sure we grow with our customers and that we always carry out everything we do to the highest standard.

What the new silicone cutting machine means for our customers

Our new silicone cutting machine is a bespoke piece of technology. It has been designed, developed and built based on our specifications, and the needs of our customers, by Extrusion Developments, in close collaboration with our in-house research and development team.

The principal benefit of our new silicone cutting equipment is the automation it brings to our silicone cutting processes – it will make them quicker, more efficient and more accurate. This means that our customers will be able to enjoy quicker lead times and even higher-quality silicone components.

In the past, a large part of our silicone cutting was done by hand. While this brought a high level of quality assurance, the introduction of the new machine will raise standards even higher. The machine will remove the element of human error and mean that we can cut ten times faster – it will be able to do in four or five days what takes three weeks by hand.

Furthermore, the new silicone cutting technology will be able to work with more complex silicone component profiles, increasing our capacity to carry out this kind of specialist silicone rubber manufacturing for our customers.

Maintaining our commitment to investment in excellence

The addition of the new silicone cutting machine is the latest step in a long-term investment plan focused on our processes and infrastructure.

This year will also see our new bespoke manufacturing software come online. The cloud-based software will be used to manage our processes, quality systems and customer relationships, helping us to further improve our service standards.

Other recent investment in our plant list has included the purchase of new specialist silicone rubber extruder, EDM wire cutting and post-curing machinery and the latest CAD software, as well as the overhaul and optimisation of our preventive maintenance strategy, which ensures that our productivity levels always remain high.

How we are positioned for the rest of 2021 and beyond

The investment in bespoke silicone cutting technology is a step that we are proud of. It is another sign of the growth of Advanced Materials, the level of service we provide and the way in which we are evolving to ensure that we consistently offer the highest quality products to our customers across the industry spectrum.

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