Using silicone elastomers and extrusions in the construction industry

Using silicone elastomers and extrusions in the construction industrySilicone elastomers and extrusions are important components in a range of construction materials and construction machinery. They are playing a critical role in the delivery of high-quality prefabricated building elements and building-site equipment.

Quality expectations for construction projects are rising and competition is growing ever stronger in an increasingly price-sensitive market. At the same time, construction industry firms are having to adhere to ever greater and ever stricter regulations.

High-performance silicone elastomers and extrusions are playing a key part in enabling construction firms to meet these demands. Their properties are making them crucial to the production, performance and safety of vital construction materials and machinery.

Why silicone elastomers and extrusions are used in construction

The superior durability, strength and resistance of high-performance silicone rubber make it an ideal manufacturing material for construction materials and machinery. As a result, silicone elastomers and extrusions are used in a range of industry applications.

The principal benefit of silicone materials to firms that manufacture prefabricated building elements and building site equipment is its ability to be transformed to meet critical specifications, based on the application requirements, such as;

  • Resistance to fire, our FR70R has flame-retardant, low-smoke and low-toxicity properties.
  • Extreme working temperatures (high and low), our HTW40-80 has the ability to withstand temperatures that range from -60°C to +300°C and our LT60 range has the ability to withstand -100°C to +200°C.
  • Silicone has a high resistance to adverse weather conditions and ultraviolet light.

Good resistance to oxygen, ozone and abrasion and strong anti-friction properties are other important advantages that can be adapted and added to the compounds by our silicone technicians. The ability to extrude and manufacture different profiles and gaskets out of these materials means you are able to develop a seal to meet different industry standards and your specific application requirements.

Construction applications of silicone elastomers and extrusions

The principal use of silicone rubber in construction industry materials and machinery is in the production of seals for windows and doors. Silicone elastomers and extrusions are used in windows and doors for every type of construction project, from residential housing and public infrastructure to warehousing and skyscrapers.

Silicone rubber components are perfect for use in skyscrapers and other tall buildings because they are highly effective at managing vibration, they are able to absorb stresses and movement. In addition, the superior sealing properties of silicone protect against water and dust ingress.

Silicone rubber components are also used in the manufacture of seals and gaskets for a range of construction machinery, including excavators, cranes, and bulldozers. The strength, flexibility and resilience of silicone components make them ideal for the construction site environment.

Product quality and the role of your silicone parts supplier

Manufacturing materials and machinery for the construction industry must be carried out according to a strict set of requirements and regulations, not least in terms of quality, safety and performance. This is why it is vital to find the right silicone component manufacturer.

The specialist silicone elastomer and extrusion partner that you work with should have the expertise to guide you on material selection, offer advice on design for manufacturing if appropriate and provide bespoke manufacturing if needed. They should also operate an extensive supply chain network that ensures a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality silicone materials.

The demands faced by manufacturers for the construction industry are continuing to grow. In order to operate to the high standards required and to ensure market competitiveness, it is vital to have the right silicone manufacturing partner in place.

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