What should an engineering supply company look for in a silicone extrusions manufacturer?

What should an engineering supply company look for in a silicone extrusions manufacturer?
We understand that engineering supply companies that resell engineering components and provide customised solutions to industries rely on the quality and reliability of their suppliers, this includes suppliers of silicone extrusions and gaskets. As such, it is critical that you find the right supplier.

The silicone components manufacturer that you work with forms an integral part of the supply chain. The silicone products that they supply will have a direct impact on the performance and reputation of your application, this is why selecting the right supplier is important.

To help you choose a preferred silicone supplier that will meet your quality expectations and those of your customers, we have put together this brief guide to choosing the right silicone extrusions manufacturing partner.

6 criteria for choosing your silicone extrusions manufacturing partner

  1. Quality. It goes without saying that you need to ensure that your customers receive the highest-quality products and services. For this, you need a specialist silicone extrusions manufacturer with a reputation for quality in every aspect of what they do. Registered as ISO9001:2015 certified should be a minimum and further quality processes should be implemented as part of standard practice, such as providing Certificate of Conformities and dimensional reports.
  2. Speed of supply. In today’s highly competitive, time-sensitive marketplace, speed to market is a critical factor. Your silicone extrusions partner should be able to fulfil orders and deliver them quickly and securely where they are needed. This can be achieved by ensuring your supplier has control of the core processes in house, such as design, tool making, extrusion, vulcanise joining and much more.
  3. Reliability. You need a silicone component supplier that you can always count on, to meet the demands of your customers, however complicated; to produce components of the highest quality; and to meet strict lead times. This is achieved through access to a dedicated technical team that will support you throughout the product journey from design to full scale production.
  4. Range of services. It is vital that your silicone extrusions supplier can meet the needs of customers across the industry spectrum. To do so, your partner should be able to offer a comprehensive range of silicone extrusions manufacturing services, backed up with the latest technology and equipment.
  5. Adaptability. Every engineering supply company has different demands, and these can change according to customer requirements. The right silicone extrusions manufacturing partner should have the resources and the flexibility to adapt to specific operating landscapes and changes in them when they occur.
  6. Expertise. Whether your customer base is focused on a specific industry or is more varied, it is important that your preferred supplier of silicone extrusions has the know-how and skills to meet specialised and bespoke requirements and consistently deliver the highest-quality products.

Why your choice of silicone extrusions supplier is critical

These criteria can help you choose the right silicone extrusions supplier: one that you can rely on to consistently deliver a high standard of service, from their ability to meet the most demanding of requirements to the quality of the components and products that are delivered in your name.

When you have this level of confidence in your silicone extrusions supplier and they are part of your supply network, you are better positioned on the market and better equipped to succeed. Therefore it is important to get your choice of partner right.

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