Silicone rubber inflatable seals: what makes them so vital?

Silicone rubber inflatable seals: what makes them so vital?
What would manufacturers do without silicone rubber inflatable seals?

These technical seals are vital to the functionality of a wide range of key applications across the industry spectrum. This is why inflatable seals are a specialist product area and why ensuring they are manufactured to the highest standard is very important.

If the standard of the inflatable seals that you use doesn’t meet your application requirements then performance will be affected.

Inflatable seals and what to look for when you need them

The purpose of silicone rubber inflatable seals is to effectively seal two surfaces that move in relation to each other, as part of the function of an application. The degree to which seals inflate is determined by the level of air, gas or fluid that is introduced to them.

There are several different seal configurations available that are used for many different applications. Being able to create a bespoke seal helps ensure that you get an exact seal that your application requires. The right silicone rubber manufacturing partner will be able to offer you a bespoke inflatable seal manufacturing service, including the creation of a tailor-made design and testing.

Which industries use inflatable seals and how

Inflatable seals are an important product component in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical, medical, food and energy to automotive, aerospace, marine and transport.

They are used in various applications. For example, silicone rubber inflatable seals are used as door seals on trains and trams, and as hatch and window seals on different types of boats, including naval ships.

In the pharmaceutical and food industries, inflatable seals are used in situations where powders are transferred, and airtight seals are required. In the energy sector, inflatable seals are used in nuclear power plants, for example, to seal pool gates, airlocks, and access doors.

Why silicone rubber is the preferred material for seals

Inflatable seals can be made from a range of materials, yet, silicone rubber is the preferred choice for applications that require use at high temperatures.

As the role of an inflatable seal is critical, there is a strong focus on quality. Silicone rubber has many outstanding qualities ideally suited to such a component and this is why seals made from high-strength grades of silicone are popular.

Silicone rubber is highly waterproof and water-resistant and resistant to extreme temperatures (hot and cold) and ultraviolet light. It also has excellent tear-strength properties, flame retardancy and fire resistance, and good chemical stability and thermal conductivity depending on the specification of the silicone compound.

Silicone inflatable seals and your supply partner

Inflatable seals are a vital part of product applications and, as such, it is important that you use high-quality components. This is why when you choose a silicone extrusions manufacturer, it is crucial that you pick the right partner.

The right silicone rubber manufacturer will have the experience to guide you on material, the resources to provide bespoke parts and to rigorously test them, and the expertise to manufacture them to the highest standard.

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