Specialist silicone manufacturing at Advanced Materials in 2021

Specialist silicone manufacturing at Advanced Materials in 2021Here we are at the end of 2021 and we are proud to say that Advanced Materials can look back on a successful year. It has been an eventful 12 months, with plenty of opportunities and challenges, but we have succeeded in operating safely and efficiently and are ready to bounce back better. Credit for this goes to our excellent team who have maintained an exceptional service to our customers despite very uncertain times both in personal and professional circumstances.

Overcoming supply chain issues and ensuring product supply

Obviously, we can’t talk about 2021 without mentioning COVID-19. The pandemic has again framed the year, creating a tough operating environment for us and for businesses across the industry spectrum.

Notably, we have seen a sharp rise in raw material and energy prices, as well as shortages in some resources, as the impact of the pandemic and the country’s non-EU status on the supply chain has become evident.

This has brought challenges, but we have confronted them and have been able to keep supplying our customers with high-quality products throughout the year. The systems we have in place and the hard work of our team have been critical to ensuring this product supply, and they will ensure that we continue to fulfil our product orders in 2022.

An incredible team effort and keeping our people safe

Returning to our team, their efforts this year have been extraordinary, and for this we cannot say a big enough thank you.

Of course, coming to work in 2021 has again not been “normal”. The safety of our team is always a priority, and never more so than now, in the face of COVID-19. To this end, this year, we have constantly monitored our safety protocols and risk-assessment frameworks to ensure the safest possible working environment.

Healthy performance for 2021 and what has driven it

Looking ahead to 2022, the market will undoubtedly remain tough, not least as COVID-19 continues to have an impact on operations, including key supply chains. Nevertheless, we are well positioned to deal with challenges as they arise.

Material shortages are here to stay, but we have strong relationships with our suppliers and a strong supply framework in place. We have increased our minimum stock levels for key materials and we are confident that we will be able to maintain lead times and the supply of high-quality silicone parts.

This resilience will be of particular importance against a backdrop of rising demand for silicone parts, as they become an increasingly integral part of many manufacturing processes, and ongoing supply chain issues.

Looking ahead with purpose and confidence

As well as preparedness and resilience, 2022 at Advanced Materials will also be about growth as we continue to invest in our business. Additions will include new hotbox curing ovens, which will help further improve our operational and energy efficiency.

While there is always uncertainty in times such as these, we are resolute in our belief that we are fully prepared for the year ahead and are well placed to take the opportunities that arise while maintaining our high standards of customer service.

To find out more about Advanced Materials’ silicone rubber manufacturing services, contact us on +44 (0)1903 713566 or sales@amsilicones.co.uk.