Advanced Materials targeting a year of growth in 2022

Advanced Materials targeting a year of growth in 2022We are pleased to report that Advanced Materials has started 2022 on the front foot. The market is not without its challenges, but we are well positioned in the market, and we are aiming to set the standard for efficient manufacturing of our silicone sealing technologies.

A full order book means that the factory floor is a busy place, with all of our specialist silicone rubber manufacturing machinery hard at work. Our investment in new equipment in recent years is paying dividends, helping to improve efficiency and to turn orders around even quicker.

New machinery and new employees at Advanced Materials

At the same time, our team is carrying on where it left off in 2021 – in the face of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the efforts of our employees continue to show that we are committed to providing the best service possible, and we continue to work as efficiently and effectively as we can to get quality products to consumers on time.

Indeed, in reflecting the increased demand for our silicone rubber component services, we have expanded the Advanced Materials team, adding a new joiner, a new miller and a new extruder operator at the beginning of the year.

How we are managing ongoing supply chain disruption

Of course, it’s not all plain sailing. The supply chain issues that arose during 2021 continue to have an impact on operations. While there are early signs that the disruption may be easing, we are expecting the current situation to continue throughout the year and are set up to weather this storm.

One of the consequences of the supply chain crisis has been a steep increase in the cost of silicone and other raw materials. We are working hard to minimise what we pass on to our customers, as part of our commitment to fair pricing, and have taken on as much of the increase as we can.

We are able to take this position thanks to the strong supply chain framework we have in place. Last year, when the first signs of supply chain problems were emerging, we reviewed our supply chain, firming up our relationships, expanding our core supplier base and increasing our stock levels. This strategy is benefiting us and our customers now.

Our plans for 2022 and beyond

While supply chain disruption and other factors continue to have an impact on operations and the market in general, we are looking ahead optimistically and plan to invest in our processes to ensure we can continue to meet our customer requirements and build on the long-term relationships created over the years.

One of the projects that we will be pushing forward with in 2022 is investing in software that will enable us to better communicate production deadlines with our team and customers. Despite the headwinds, we continue to develop as a business by adopting new technology and improved processing and we look forward to what 2022 has to bring.

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