Building customer relationships: what to look for in a silicone extrusions supplier

Building customer relationships: what to look for in a silicone extrusions supplier

A strong relationship with your silicone extrusions supplier is vitally important and never more so than in the wake of Covid-19 and the impact it is having on supply chains and markets.

At a time of such uncertainty and with the post-Covid-19 era in sight, the strength of this relationship is critical. It is crucial to maintaining forward momentum and to providing the stability that will drive performance in the year ahead.

So, what makes a good supplier-customer relationship? Here are some best practices to look out for in a silicone rubber extrusions supplier.

7 best practices that your silicone extrusions supplier should follow

A strong supplier-customer relationship is built on a range of factors. Each one is as important as the next, combining to create a platform for stability and success.

  1. Real-time customer support. Your supplier should always be quick to respond to your questions and requests, however you communicate them and at whatever stage of the manufacturing process. The right partner will always listen and act on what you say.
  2. Open communication. You should have a dedicated channel of communication with your silicone extrusions supplier and you should feel able to ask questions whenever you want, about whatever you want. They should be answered promptly and in detail and you should be confident that further information will be acquired if necessary.
  3. Continuous point of project service. Whenever you need to communicate about your project, it should always be with your supplier. The point of contact should be unbroken and consistent, which means always dealing with one company and one team (delivering an end-to-end service).
  4. Expertise at every delivery point. Your silicone product manufacturing process has multiple delivery points and, in each area, you should be able to rely on specialist expertise, both in terms of the people working on your product and the equipment that they are using.
  5. Consistent project service quality. For your silicone component supplier to deliver the best possible version of your product and exceed your expectations, their team must deliver the highest level of service every step of the way. This quality of service and know-how is critical to your market performance.
  6. Flexibility of manufacturing service. Your silicone extrusion supplier should have the capacity and ability to easily adapt to any changes in your needs, whether it is a change in volume order, a change in product composition or the addition of products. This ability gives confidence in a rapidly changing environment.
  7. Commitment to quality standards. Your silicone manufacturing partner should display a continued commitment to the highest quality standards, in relation to personnel, policies and equipment. Look out for regular investment across the board in continued improvements of processes.

Why the strength of your silicone products supplier relationship is vital

If your supplier is following these best practices and delivering this level of service, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice of silicone manufacturing partner.

Right now, more than ever, it is critical to choose your supplier correctly. As part of this process, it is important to take the time to thoroughly assess your supplier, whether they are a prospective partner or an existing one.

Find a silicone extrusions manufacturer that ticks these boxes and you will have taken a big step towards ensuring that you are well positioned to find silicone parts that meet your application requirements.

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