The role of high-performance silicone rubber in the automotive industry

The role of high-performance silicone rubber in the automotive industry

High-performance silicone rubber is a vital component of the automotive manufacturing process. It plays a huge role in the delivery of better-performing products, enhanced safety and reliability, eco-friendly development, and strong brand reputations.

The automotive industry is amid a period of historic restructuring. The types of vehicles on the road, the functions they perform, the power they need and the way they are made are changing in momentous ways. High-performance silicone rubber is playing an important role in this innovation and evolution.

The properties of silicone make it ideal for automotive applications, used for its resistance to high and low temperatures and harsh weather conditions and its capacity for insulation, vibration dampening and durability. These properties are making silicone a critical component in the design, manufacture and performance of today’s and tomorrow’s automotive technology.

How silicone rubber is used in the automotive industry

The enhanced durability, strength and resistance of high-performance silicone rubber make it an ideal material for the automotive manufacturing process and, as a result, it is used in a wide range of automotive industry applications.

For example, silicone rubber is used for various applications including radiator seals, door gaskets, engine O rings, heat-resistant hoses and connectors in engine and drive systems. In electrical systems, it is used in ignition cables, spark plug boots, DLI rain cover seals and protective coverings for sensors and other electronic components.

You’ll also find it used in applications such as seat belt lubricants, door stoppers, tyre pressure sensors, airbag fabric coatings, car audio components and fuel tank components.

The automotive applications of high-performance silicone rubber

The range of automotive industry applications in which high-performance silicone rubber is used is testament to its ability to meet the related demands of new automotive technology, while also ensuring and surpassing safety, reliability, and longevity expectations.

This is why high-performance silicone rubber is used in lubrication and electrical insulation, in coating materials, in bonding, sealing and potting applications, in rubber moulding materials and in electrical conducting materials, among others, as well as in materials used to manufacture prototypes.

And as climate-related reform continues to dominate the industry, the advance of artificial intelligence and changes in consumer demand continue to drive automotive industry innovation and evolution, the role of high-performance silicone rubber, and the right silicone rubber manufacturing partner, is only set to grow larger.

Industry advances and the role of your silicone parts supplier

The automotive industry is going through a period of era-defining change, as it moves from petrol and diesel to hybrid and battery power, and as the age of driverless vehicles draws ever closer.

As a result, performance and power-related demands, made by consumers, manufacturers and governments, continue to grow. And it is becoming increasingly clear that high-performance silicone rubber, and the right silicone rubber manufacturer, are critical to achieving them.

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