How we are investing in our team and processes in 2021

How we are investing in our team and processes in 2021

We are committed to investing in our team and our processes, and this focus has been vindicated by the way in which we have been able to deal with the impact of Covid-19 and how we can plan ahead. We have a comprehensive investment framework in place for 2021.

Over the last 18 months, we have invested in our team, our processes and our infrastructure with the goal of ensuring that we consistently offer our customers the highest standard of silicone rubber manufacturing. Although the impact of Covid-19 has put our planning to the test, we have remained committed and we continue to be focused on our goals.

Employee training and development a key focus for 2021

One positive takeaway from 2020 was the dedication of our team. Despite the fact that Covid-19 forced us to streamline our workforce, we ended the year with a team that we knew we could rely on no matter what.

As a company, we feel fortunate to have such a team and in turn, we are focused on investing in them. Our team now includes a permanent Quality Assessor and over the past 12 months, we have expanded our in-house training processes to offer our employees a fuller range of training opportunities.

Going forward, we will be launching an external training programme for our staff. These courses are aimed at building knowledge on silicone manufacturing industry standards and further improving our service levels. We are also in the process of further expanding our in-house training portfolio.

Investment in manufacturing excellence remains a priority

One of the largest investments over the last 12 months has been the commissioning of bespoke manufacturing software, which will come online later this year. The cloud-based software will be used to manage our processes, quality systems and customer relationships, and will help us further improve our high service standards.

Also, with regard to our manufacturing activity, we have refreshed and optimised our preventive maintenance strategy for 2021. This strategy is in place to limit the potential for machinery downtime and to ensure that our productivity levels are unaffected by any breakdowns.

This focus on our maintenance prevention is complemented by our ongoing investment in expanding our plant list, which has included new silicone rubber extrusion, cutting and post-curing machinery since the middle of 2019. The scope and scale of the list means that we always have back-up manufacturing processes in place in the event of a breakdown.

Furthermore, the investment in our preventive maintenance strategy and our silicone manufacturing machinery is further backed by a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, which is reviewed and refreshed on an annual basis.

How we are positioning ourselves for 2021

The year ahead is an important time for Advanced Materials and the silicone rubber manufacturing industry, and by committing to a new investment programme, we are ensuring that we are in a position to continue to improve our service standards and that we continue to grow.

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