Bespoke silicone cutting technology is coming online in 2021

Bespoke silicone cutting technology is coming online in 2021

Developing our plant list and investing in the latest silicone rubber manufacturing machinery is a fundamental growth strategy at Advanced Materials and we remain committed to this focus with the addition of a new bespoke silicone rubber cutting machine.

Investing in new equipment is an integral part of our development planning and when we add new technology, we are guided, in part, by the evolution of customer requirements. The arrival of the new cutting machine will help us meet growing demand for bespoke silicone components.

New cutting machine will bring greater efficiency and accuracy

The installation of the new tailor-made silicone cutting machine, which we have helped design, will allow us to more efficiently and accurately cut our silicone extrusions. Traditionally, most of our silicone component cutting has been done by hand and, while the standard of this work has always been high, the new equipment will further elevate its quality and efficiency.

The integration of the new cutting machine will mean that over 80% of our silicone cutting will be automated. This will allow us to consistently deliver cutting at a class L1 accuracy on a large quantity of our products and carry out this standard of cutting much quicker, markedly shortening lead times for our customers.

Investing to meet rising demand for bespoke silicone parts

One of the main reasons why we are adding this new silicone rubber cutting machine, and why we have invested in bespoke technology, is that it gives us the ability to adapt to the variable elements of customer silicone cutting requirements.

More and more customers are requesting tailor-made silicone component solutions and the new equipment allows us to easily adapt our processes to different silicone products and the different cutting processes that they require.

The machinery will also feature a loop control system to ensure product quality – the system will alert the operator to any stretch or twist in the material – and will use software that stores the measurements of each customer job, ensuring a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Investing in our company and our customers

This year has not been without its challenges, to say the least, but we are optimistic about the future. We can be confident because of our planning and the infrastructure that we have in place, and the new silicone cutting technology is part of this commitment to our standards and our service. The machine will come online at the beginning of 2021.

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