How extrusion training makes for a better silicone rubber manufacturer

How extrusion training makes for a better silicone rubber manufacturer

The provision of extrusion training is vital to the success of a silicone rubber manufacturer. The importance of this education and skill development cannot be understated.

That’s why, at Advanced Materials, we invest significantly in giving our staff the extrusion learning they need to maintain the high standards we are committed to and renowned for.

How extrusion training maintains high standards of production and service

The manufacture of silicone rubber extrusions is a core activity at Advanced Materials and we supply silicone rubber extrusions for companies across the industry spectrum. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on extrusion training.

We provide training on every aspect of the extrusion manufacturing process. Our extrusion training comprises the following components:

  • The study of silicone materials and how they behave differently during the manufacturing process. For example, softer silicone rubber swells more, which affects how tooling is designed.
  • The design and creation of tooling used to make silicone rubber extrusions. This learning is focused on ensuring that tools meet the specifications of design drawings.
  • How to properly set up and use extrusion machinery. The focus here is on mastering the technology; using extruders accurately, safely and efficiently.
  • The production of sample extrusions. This module concentrates on adapting parts to meet strict tolerances and the creation of samples for client approval.
  • How to ensure part production meets and exceeds quality stipulations. The aim here is making sure that what we do throughout the manufacturing process, to the final inspection stage, meets rigorous quality standards.
  • The process of post-curing. The focus here is on why post-curing is essential to the manufacturing process, how this step should be taken and how to do it.
  • Goods-handling procedures. This module focuses on how to treat extrusion products after the manufacturing process to ensure that quality standards are always strictly adhered to.

As you can see, our extrusion training is comprehensive. Our clients demand incredible accuracy from their silicone rubber extrusions and extraordinary attention to detail from us. We can deliver this level of service, in part, because we apply the same kind of focus to how we train our staff.

How management training is integral to high-quality silicone extrusion manufacturing

And it isn’t just extrusion training that we invest so significantly in. In order to get the most value from our extrusion training, it is vital that our management infrastructure is in tip top condition and that our managers are at the top of their game.

We ensure this by providing rigorous management training. Through the management training courses provided by South Coast HR, our managers learn about different management styles and how to use them to motivate staff; how to understand different personality types and how this impacts management style and how people work; how to motivate employees and the different methods of doing so; how to set and review goals; and more.

This knowledge, understanding and focus is essential to how we operate, our standards and the service we provide. They help to create a working environment in which our silicone manufacture training methods can deliver the maximum benefit to our staff, our company and our clients.

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