Investment plan well underway – our new milling machinery

Investment plan well underway - our new milling machinery

At Advanced Materials, we continuously strive to improve our service in the supply of silicone rubber technologies. Whatever type of silicone product our customers require, we always aim to provide a solution.

That’s why we work hard to make certain that the very best machinery, equipment and training is used throughout our silicone rubber manufacturing processes.

To ensure our products meet the growing demand, evolving requirements and diverse needs of our customers, it is vital that we invest in our future by keeping up to date on modern technology and maximizing our efficiency.

Recently we invested many thousands of pounds in new bespoke milling machinery, built by Euro Rubber Lines. Having our machinery custom made to suit our specific process needs gives us greater flexibility when mixing our specialised silicone compounds.

As such, we now have two state of the art roller mills which have made our processes 50% more efficient, and here’s why:

  • The silicone base, colour pigments and additives mix together more effectively due to specific gearing ratios and speeds.
  • Dedicated mills are now used for specific compound types and colours, which allow us to separate them into categories making cleaning and stripping the mill far easier.
  • We have been able to increase capacity, moving from previously mixing approximately 200kg of rubber per day to now almost 350kg per day and growing.

The new additions have given us greater capacity to meet the demand for our many market leading silicone compounds, which are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications and industries.

We also now have the potential to take on new, larger projects that we might not have had the capacity for in the past, and this excites the team at Advanced Materials. Being able to partner with prestigious companies in what can only be described as exciting advances in technology has been our goal, and we have achieved this by investing in the continuous improvement of our services.

In addition, all health and safety and risk assessments have been kept up to date in order for us to provide a safe and productive work environment for all our team. Quality training and the best possible work environment is important to keep our team well positioned at the forefront of the silicone industry.


So that our customers can make the most of our latest investments, we have updated our systems, to make the whole online ordering process even easier.

This means that customers can now easily, quickly and efficiently get quotations for smaller quantities of our standard products, any time.

We look forward to working with you and providing solutions to your silicone sealing requirements and our team is always on hand to answer your questions. To find out more, call 01903 713566 or email