Investing in the future of Advanced Materials – our latest extrusion machinery

Investing in the future of Advanced Materials - our latest extrusion machinery

In last month’s blog, we discussed our latest investment in two state of the art roller mills, which have made our silicone rubber extrusion processes 50% more efficient.

The new additions have given us greater capacity to meet demand for our many market leading silicone compounds, which are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications and industries.

But our drive to improve our service in the supply of innovative silicone rubber technologies and remain up to date with modern advancements doesn’t end there.

We recently invested an additional £30,000 in new extrusion machinery, which has enabled us to meet demand for our products, increase capacity and maximise efficiency.

Alongside the instalment of our new roller mills, the investment in an additional ‘hot box’ means we have doubled our machinery for producing approximately 65% of our existing extrusion dies.

Our additional, more up to date, hot box supports extrusion while it’s being cured, heating it to up to 190- 200 degrees centigrade to flash cure material ready for post curing.

This latest hotbox technology has also been made more efficient, by using thicker insulation and energy efficient heating elements, which have enabled us to run products at higher speeds, cure rubber quicker and insulate heat better – giving us 15% more extrusion per hour. And it also saves on energy costs.

The hot box is run in conjunction with our standard machine making us capable of dual running extrusions that would otherwise have to wait for the one machine to be available.

Advanced Materials Managing Director, Gareth Coombes, said: “Our aim is to continually improve our service to customers and investing in machinery is a big part of our investment plan.

“High quality products, along with consistently fast lead times are the core of our service; and investment in this type of exceptional machinery is part of our investment plan to keep to this philosophy.”

Next month we will be talking about our newly refurbished Iddon extruder – another exciting development as Advanced Materials looks to improve capacity, service and efficiency for all its customers.

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