Silicone Rubber Manufacturing – The Industries We Serve

Thanks to its wide temperature range, strength, durability, low toxicity, non-reactive properties and resistance to extreme environments and temperatures, silicone rubber is used in a huge range of industries.

In fact, our market leading silicone rubber extrusions are present in such a diverse range of applications that you might be surprised to see exactly where they make an appearance.
Industries which use silicone rubber

The market leading, bespoke silicone extrusions created by the Advanced Materials team are designed to meet exact client specifications and offer a versatile solution to many manufacturing processes and products. So much so, that our very own silicone rubber extrusions can be found in the following industries:

  • Aerospace industry, with the ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures
  • Fitted to glass, steel and plastics in the construction industry during new building projects
  • Used for energy and lighting applications, thanks to the wide temperature range
  • Hygienic, temperature resistant, FDA compliant and WRAS approved silicone rubber products used in food & drink processing
  • The rail and mass transit industry requires materials which meet tight tolerances and specifications
  • Silicone extrusions are used for protecting LED lighting systems from water and dust
  • Ideal for the applications and strict regulations within the pharmaceutical and medical industry where cleanliness is paramount
  • Applications throughout the automotive sector require the strength and durability of silicone extrusions
  • Uses in the water industry – rubber tubing, moulded components and silicone rubber extruded profiles for drinking water
  • Versatility and durability make it an essential element on all domestic and industrial ovens, appliances and autoclaves
  • Inflatable seals – pneumatic rubber seals are an effective method of sealing between parts which move in relation to each other

Choosing the right silicone manufacturing partner

Whatever your industry, it’s important to find a silicone rubber manufacturer that you can rely on to meet your manufacturing needs, however complicated, and produce high quality components every time.

The right silicone extrusions manufacturing partner should also have the resources, flexibility, know-how and skills to adapt to any design and manufacturing changes as and when required.

The right silicone manufacturing solution for your application

From your initial design, through to manufacturing, every stage is completed in-house for efficiency and high quality.

To find out more about the silicone rubber extrusions services we provide, get in touch with a member of our silicone manufacturing team today on 01903 713566 or email