Silicone Rubber in Extreme Conditions

When we think about what constitutes an extreme condition building or manufacturing material, we don’t tend to think about silicone rubber but we should. Silicone rubber is so versatile and can be made to withstand such a wide range of conditions that it can be used in many situations where materials someone would normally think of as ‘tough’ simply wouldn’t cope. Incredibly wide temperature tolerances, pressure resistance, strength, flexibility, electrical insulation and hygiene are just some of the qualities that make silicone rubber so suitable for the following extreme conditions.

Silicone Rubber in Extreme Conditions


High pressures, dramatic temperature changes and the need to be absolutely reliable are some of the conditions silicone rubber in aviation have to live up to. As you can imagine, the tolerances for performance are very tight as material failures at altitude could result in disaster. However, almost as strict, is the need for this material to look right particularly in aircraft interiors so colour matching is another area with incredibly tight tolerances. Vital functions it fulfils on an aircraft are door seals, lighting gaskets, vibration dampening, windows seals, overhead lockers, instrument panels, vent ducts, engine gaskets and electrical wires.

Autoclaves and Ovens

Creating seals that can keep very high temperatures and steam from escaping requires a material that is very tough and very reliable as the kind of super-heated steam they use in autoclaves could be very hazardous if it escaped. At Advanced Materials, we supply the ideal silicone rubber for autoclaves as it is steam resistant and ideal for use in sterilisation applications where everything needs to remain perfectly clean and germ free.

Pharmaceutical and Medical

Cleanliness is also paramount in pharmaceutical and medical applications. Here, contamination and cross contamination is simply not allowed. Silicone rubber is ideal for these industries because of its versatility. Not only is it a great material that can withstand high temperatures used in manufacturing, the flexibility means products like our silicone inflatable seals are perfect for use in this industry where parts of machinery move in relation to each other and our seals can take all the stresses and strains without tearing. Reliability and a perfect fit are essential when medicine is moving around a machine without leaking into parts it shouldn’t be and using a silicone rubber seal makes it easier for operators to access the machines to clean them by simply removing the seals.

Mass Transit

Safety is everything in mass transit applications so it is vital that the material they use for applications like window and door seals, lighting seals and vibration dampening have a low toxicity. These silicone rubber items need to be very strong and durable to withstand the environmental conditions and movement stresses but, to meet important safety regulations, they also must not emit hazardous substances in the event of a fire and must be self-extinguishing to prevent fire from spreading. Our FR70R grade silicone rubber is ideal in these applications as it meets all the relevant regulations. We have a great deal of experience in meeting tight regulations for mass transit applications as we produced bellows for the Eurostar train which were used to link carriages so had to be very durable and adherent to the tightest safety regulations.

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