Our Latest Piece of Metrology Equipment

Our Latest Piece of Metrology Equipment

We have just taken delivery of the latest addition to our range of metrology equipment!

The HE400 LED Profile Projector will replace our old traditional shadowgraph that was purchased 26 years ago, which, although still functioning and regularly calibrated, was very outdated.

This much welcome update to our silicone manufacturing measurement equipment represents a series of planned investments which showcase our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Accurate Measurements in Silicone Manufacturing

We purchased the HE400 from Optimax in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Its sturdy metal construction suits our factory floor environment.

The touchscreen makes the equipment intuitive for our team to use and they report far better useability. Because the read out of the measurement is digital, our ability to produce accurate and repeatable results is increased, when compared to the old equipment.

The Profile Projector is superior for measuring our tubing for internal diameter and wall thickness dimensions, when compared to other measurement methods like a vernier caliper, because the projector is not reliant on having to use the caliper jaws to make surface contact with a curved face. And, when you are making thousands of meters of silicone rubber tubing every week, this accuracy is important.

Quality Silicone Manufacturing Technology

Using the computer technology we are able to produce reports from the shadowgraph to log and record measurement data, giving us better traceability and confidence that our quality is good.

The team especially loves the new equipment for measuring the height of lip seals without deforming the lip by any contact measurement method, and we have put the LED Profile Projector to good use already measuring many of the complex lip seals we manufacture, reading the results on the large modern screen.

Advanced Materials frequently works to ISO3302 Class E1 or tighter for critical tolerances for our customers’ applications, therefore having modern metrology equipment is essential.

If you have a silicone rubber part that you need with tight tolerances, or to be provided with a dimensional report, get in touch with a member of our silicone manufacturing team today on 01903 713566 or email sales@amsilicones.co.uk.